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Latest Updates
Sunday, May 01, 2011
Greeting from my favorite breakfast hangout in Johannesburg - Tashas!

And I can tell you I'm really glad to be here after doing the unthinkable - No Show for a flight. Five years of working hard to keep a great personal record has now gone down the drain due to a small misjudgement of one day.

I know how it happened. After swapping onto the Perth flight I'd reduced my days off after the BKK-SYD from 2 days to one day, and since the Perth trip took up the same number of roster days as my original London trip I thought I had increased my number of days off afterwards from 2 to 3. It was really an increase from 1 day off to 2. Confused yet? I don't blame you.

So on my 'third day off' I saw my batch mate post on Facebook how stoked he was at getting such a great May roster, and immediately I went to the crew portal to see what the Scheduling Gods had granted me. To my horror I saw that instead of the trip number for Johannesburg the next day, I had instead AB/CU/CU. AB means Absent, CU means "Can Use", which are essentially short term reserve days. My stomach went into knots - not only was I no-show for the flight, it was a flight I actually liked! No breakfast at Tashas, no 50dh slab of Prime Rib with Baked Potato, Creamed Spinach and Gin and Tonic! It wasn't as if I no-showed for a Red-Eye Male turnaround.... Worse still was that I realised I no-showed a whopping 3 hours after the flight took off - much too late to put on the uniform and 'sign in' at work and then feign lateness.

I wrote to my manager after calling the office, and because it was a total no-show for the flight, and not just an absent for being late, I was now facing a verbal warning. Me? A Verbal Warning? But that only happens to the Zinc-clubbing set, not to me! He said that I didn't have much to worry about, just to be good for the next 6 months, but still, anything can happen in 6 months. Who knows if a passenger is having a stroppy day, sees my name badge and want to include my name in a complaint form without telling me?!? Then the verbal warning turns into a written warning and that changes everything...

So yes, a little stressed right now, and even though I had another Johannesburg flight straight after the one I missed, it still bothers me. Not really a nice way to spend Easter.

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