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Wednesday, September 29, 2010
Hey guys! Just a quick plug...

So I know I've been a bit sneaky with the posting front, and if any of you read Girl on Raw's blog you will know that I've actually been a guest blogger as part of her Travel and Wellness week! Ever wondered what us flighties pack to stay healthy, motivated and to avoid all that yummy aircraft food? I'll show you what I pack both in my checked and carry on baggage. Some things may surprise you...

Also make sure you check out her other posts, some of the food shots are just stunning!

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Wednesday, September 22, 2010
So at the moment I'm in Moscow.

Shot of the Bolshoi Theatre, which is still under construction. My layover was pretty uneventful, just spent it in the city at Cafe Mu Mu then splurging on frozen Pelmeni, which I seem to be very addicted to at the moment.

Usually the flight is quite eventful, so it flies by in no time, but the bus ride is horrendous - this time it was almost two hours, which was good for Moscow - I've been in the bus once during the snow season and it took us three hours to reach Domodedovo airport from the hotel. You may hear people bitch about peak hour traffic where you are, but believe me, it doesn't stand a chance to the traffic in this place.

I have to admit the flight wasn't as crazy as I've operated in the past, but there was something that happened that I found both shocking and hilarious. We has this family of four board through the First class door, and the father hangs around on the bridge while the rest of his family move towards their seats. They had Economy tickets so they had quite a trek ahead of them. When there wasn't anyone else around the father pulls aside the Purser and says to him...

"My family, they in Economy"


"I want them, Business"

"Oh, OK"

"I give you 500 US Dollar"

"Sir, the price to upgrade one person is $XXXX USD"

"No! I give YOU 500, I don't give airline!"

"Ah, Sir, it's $XXXX USD to ..."

"No! 500! YOU!"

So with his jaw still on the ground the Purser had to explain that he wasn't going to accept the $500 USD bribe, and to upgrade his whole family it was actually going to be three times the quoted $XXXX USD price.

As you can see, there never seems to be a dull day at work.

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Friday, September 17, 2010
So following on from my "My Perfect Day in London" post, I thought that with a week in Perth I'd feature some cool spots to recommend to you guys. On a typical layover my day is pretty packed with catch ups from family and friends, and stocking up on groceries from Woolworths, so fitting all these in for me would be very difficult, but should you be fortunate to find yourself in Perth and clueless as to what to do, then I hope that there is at least a few places here you can enjoy as much as I do. First up on the chopping block is Zekka -

So I first got into this place from my mate Osman, and I only had a latte, but found it to be quite pleasant. I decided to come back here as I'd had enough of my usual breakfast hangout and it's constant rudeness. May as well patronise another establishment that actually wanted to serve me.

To be honest, after a mini breakfast at home all I really wanted was something to carb-load on, and Zekka's thick cut sourdough with softened butter hit the spot right on!


So a short walk and you end up in Cloisters Arcade, home of Lowdown...

Lowdown is the place with the most promise but cursed with probably the worst location in Perth CBD. To get there you must pass 2 substandard cafes before you even see the place, and the actual cafe itself is so small, the seating area will hold about 6 dine in and 4 awaiting take away. It totally wins me over due to the staff - hippy-esque, bearded, long haired types that... wait for it...actually know what good service is! Aside from the latte that I purchased (very reasonable prices BTW) they automatically served me a glass of water, and when that was finished, without me even thinking about it, they'd already replenished the glass! I'd only been in there for 15 minutes and they were keen for a chat, find out what I was doing, whether or not I liked the Mighty Boosh... A nice refreshing addition to Perth's coffee scene, one that really needs to change it's location ASAP.

One place that I manage to visit every single time I'm in Perth (without fail) is Pigeonhole - I just love this place! They have three located in the city, and every single layover I have is spent in at least one of these stores.

They try to cater to the student market, so you won't find any designer items here for over $200 AUD, what you have is a store full of unique products, including jewellery, clothes, stationary and home wares you probably don't need but end up buying anyway. Every time I visit there always seems to be something new. Even scored myself a cute Jackalope who now keeps my TV company when I'm away on layovers.

I usually try to cram in a short trip to Freo as well so will visit the following places when I'm there

I actually found the B&M Pop Up Store after stumbling on their blog, it's a felt store but so much more. Kinda like the more adult Pigeonhole. They specialise in premium German felt and the items they have for sale are so nice. I'm even thinking of buying a sheet or two of felt and making my own coasters... They also stock items from Cardboard Safari, and a short plane ride later I am now housing Fred in my living room, and he seems happy :-)

Just down the road you'll find Remedy -

Another great place for window shopping, and amazing if you need to buy gifts. They have a lot of Aesop products here which I go absolutely crazy over. At the moment I'm stocking up on these porcelain fridge magnets by Little Jane St that I haven't seen anywhere else.

San Churros seemed to pop up out of no where, but there's the only place that I know of in Perth that do a chilli hot chocolate made from melted chocolate instead of powder. Consistency is very hit and miss, sometimes I get a nice, smooth drink, other times it's very thick and needs a lot of stirring to keep it drinkable. Everything here though is tasty and it's great to have when it's a little too late at night for a strong coffee.

And for one last coffee place... Mini Espresso

I know that there are other places I'd recommend over Mini's, but this is great in it's convenience, in it's quality, and the guys behind the machine are super sweet. Best thing of all is that you can SMS them your order and in 5 min they'll have it ready for you. Fantastic!

[Images from here, here, and here]

View My Perfect Day - Perth in a larger map

Zekka - 74-76 King Street, Perth. Open Tue-Sat 10.00am-5.00pm, Fri 10.00am-7.00pm, Sun 12.00pm-4.00pm. Closed Mondays.

Lowdown - 16a Cloisters Arcade, 865 Hay St, Perth. Open Mon-Fri 7.00am to 5.00pm

Pigeonhole Bon Marche -
Shop 16, Bon Marche Arcade, 80 Barrack Street, Perth
Pigeonhole London Court
- Shop 44, London Court, 647-649 Hay Street, Perth
Pigeonhole Shafto Lane -
Shop 7a, Shafto Lane, 401 Murray Street, Perth
Open Mon - Thurs: 10.30am - 5.30pm, Fri - 10.30pm - 8.00pm, Sat - 10.30am - 5.30pm

B&M - 49 High Street, Fremantle

Remedy - 95 High Street Fremantle. Open Mon - Sun 9.00am - 5.00pm

Chocolateria San Churros - 91 Market Street Fremantle. Open Mon - Thu 9:30am
- 10.00pm, Fri - Sat 9.00am-11.00pm. Sun 9.00am-10.00pm

Mini Espresso - London Court, Hay Street, Perth. SMS +61 400 016 464

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