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Latest Updates
Sunday, May 20, 2007
Yes well, back to that old obsession of mine that doesn't seem to go away. This year my experience was further enriched with being in Greece during the whole contest, which did give me a different take on things. Firstly it was difficult to watch the television without there being a mention of Sarbel or Yassou Maria anywhere. Second of all I spoke english to only 1 person the whole week, Yiannis, which really hit me. I know I travel to a lot of non-english speaking places a fair bit, but this was the first time I was saturated in a language other than english - I didn't have a bunch of crew to chat to, only Yiannis, and the poor guy had to leave for Frankfurt anyway by the end. So a week of immersion later and my greek is definately inproving.

Anyway, there'll be a post coming up on my big fat greek holiday, onto the contest! Tell me, doesn't Marija Serafovic look like Masi Oka from Heroes? Let me know what you think...

Who got robbed - semi final
  • Andorra. Kinda time they got into the final... this song should have been the one to do so
  • Cyprus, and no, it's not because I just flew in from greece. It was really good and different from anything else
  • Denmark. Big headress won me over.
  • Malta. When Jean shoved his mobile in my ear and forced me to hear it during college I hated it. But it really grew on me, and looked dramatic on stage. Her outfit was perfect. It had fans and topless boys. I loved it.

Who sucked arse - semis

  • Hungary. I loved their last entry with the riverdancing. But this made me cringe, then press the mute button. Can't believe it made next year's final.
  • Belgium. Last year they should have gotten through, and it looks like this year they're beyond caring.
  • Israel. Yuk yuk yuk. Bring back Shiri Maimon. Please.
  • Norway. Looked like my year 5 teacher (who was 50 when she taught me) sexing it up for the camera.
  • Portugal. Pretty girl, pity she can't sing. Surprised she was one spot away from the final.

Grand final - opinions

  • Greece - Didn't like Sarbel when I first heard him. But his hip shaking really won me over. Needs to groom those eyebrows though. Did his country proud.
  • UK - Calling all flight attendants... did you cringe as well??? Crap manual demo. Ugly lead singer. And the planes in the background were very distracting.
  • Spain - Caliente!!! It's so standard, and yes they were a boyband, but goddam! If I had credit on my phone I'd vote anyday for them...
  • Moldova and Finland - for me they sounded very alike, and very good. Glad at least Moldova got through.
  • Ireland - sucked so bad. Brian last year was so good I could feel the shivers. Dervish made me go to sleep.
  • Russia - who Yiannis voted for. Beautiful girls and shocking lyrics by Euro standards.
  • Ukraine - as someone mentioned on TSSH "It was as if they murdered Dorothy, shot the Tin Man full of crack and sent him to participate in the gay and lesbian mardi gras." Bit harsh I thought, but I didn't want it to win, that's for sure...

Really enjoyed the comp, pity I missed out on Wogan's commentary. Hearing him heavily inebriated while watching eurovision, whilst you yourself are inebrated is an experience I encourage everyone to try.