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Wednesday, January 13, 2010
Hey guys! Well I've just finished my reserve period, the only duty I got pulled out for was a Hamburg on Airport Standby! Unfortunately I was rostered a Grade 1 roster, but this wasn't too bad as the loads were only half-full and everyone was extremely nice :-D Little did I know that I would be flying into -6 degree weather, and whilst I did pack a few winter clothes, it certainly wasn't enough to cope with the snow in Germany. I still went out during the layover, and even a last ditch attempt to go to H&M for a scarf and some gloves didn't save my throat.

This past week I've been quite a good girl, studying for my Safety Recurrent and passing that with flying colours. Did exams on Airbus, Boeing, First Aid, Dangerous Goods, Security and only got one question wrong the on entire day! Considering I did that whilst sick with a cold (no doubtedly caught in Hamburg) and also a smashed wrist (fell hands-first while trying to stop myself travelling backwards on ice skates) I thought it was a good effort indeed. Today I was supposed to do a Delhi flight but I've called sick, must protect the ears you know! So I guess the next time I'll be flying will be to Singapore for some more Pandan Chiffon cake! Yummo!

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Saturday, January 02, 2010
So for the month of January I'm on reserve, but we have a new reserve system where half of our bid group get 30 days reserve from 1-31st and the other half get 10 days reserve spanning the transition from December to Jan. Lucky me ended up getting lumped into the second group, and started my reserve with a pre-assigned San Francisco which I was extremely happy about. So the night before my flight I wound up in Dubai mall with Ben having dinner and a much needed catch-up. In the end I had about 3 hours sleep until my alarm went off for work.

Fast forward to briefing, and I'm checking the system to see what the loads were going to be for the flight over. It was then that I saw my roster change - instead of SFO, I was off to Los Angeles as they needed an Arabic speaker on the flight - pretty standard occurance. I was still annoyed though as I wanted some SFO sourdough, but alas it's going to have to wait.

That aside, the flight over was lovely, aside from the little girl from Business who stumbled over in a dizzy state on taxi in LAX and then proceeded to yack all over the floor in First Class, right behind the cockpit. The pilots were very grossed out, considering they're usually sheltered from such horrors behind the bulletproof doors - It was quite amusing actually.

So onto the lobby, where 8 of us decided to really live it up and have a good time. A friend of the previous crew was there and had a limo & restaurant booked, which was a relief as everything was almost certainly booked out for New Years Eve. I retreated to my room and crammed in as much sleep as possible, then rocked up again to the lobby at 8pm in my party frock.

And I was one of five. 3 of the crew decided to bail at the last minute. Seems they'd rather try their luck shopping ON NEW YEARS DAY! rather than have a good NYE. Typical cabin crew.

So the limo rocked up... and it was a stretch Hummer. But not just any stretch Hummer, as the driver proudly told us. It was Vin Diesel's Hummer, decked out in xXx logos and sexy lighting and of course a phenomenal sound system, to cart him aorund town whilst he was doing promotional work for the films. Far too garish and tacky for my taste, but hey I was in LA on New Years Eve... who am I to complain?

Inside the limo there were drinks aplenty, but unfortunately the only booze there was Scotch and Vodka, and my time in the limo was spent trying Scotch for the first time and hating it. We arrived at Le Clafoutis restaurant in West Hollywood and had an amazing 3 course French meal, free-flowing Louis Roederer and an awesome DJ to see in the new year. After a very unglamourous flight, it was the perfect way to see out 2009.

My new year's resolution? To look after myself, to go out and party more, and to go through 2010 with as little drama as possible.

Oh, and to cook more :-D

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