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Latest Updates
Sunday, December 13, 2009
Well very soon I'll be coming up to my 4 years with the airline, which means that I'll be getting all my work luggage replaced. I'm not sure whether I'm going to buy back my old suitcase and cabin bag, if I do it will be more than likely I'll give it to my Dad, or give him the new set and continue to use the old set.

When I moved to Dubai I did so having borrowed my mum's cheapo luggage she brought back from Thailand. Many crew buy a brand new set for their move here, my first roommate being one of them. She arrived with a whole set of purple suitcases, then only used them for when she went on leave, as we're only allowed to use company issued suitcases for work.

I know other airlines allow some freedom with their crew regarding suitcases, but I think for us having them all uniform looks more professional, especially when walking through the airport. It does cause some problems though, as I've heard quite a few horror stories of crew coming out of briefing and finding that someone has made off with their suitcase by mistake. That crew member would then open 'their' suitcase on the first leg of a Singapore/Brisbane/Auckland flight with clothes better fitting for a Moscow layover.

So where am I going with all this? Well the other day I had a bit of am impulse buy...

I've wanted this ever since my mate Oz dragged me into the Samsonite Black Label store 12 months ago, however it was very expensive and even over the past year when the whole store went on sale, this was a no-sale item. The I walked past today, and it was selling for 40% below the RRP. And it was the last one available for sale in Dubai. Score! I got to test drive it yesterday when I flew from Dubai to Perth on leave, and whilst it was easy to manoeuvre the buckles were a bit stiff - though they should get easier to handle over time. I love it to bits - even when I'm not flying it looks great in the bedroom on top of the dresser.

My next luggage purchase will be a suitcase for checking in, probably a Rimowa as they look pretty sturdy. Have had a few instances of my oyster shell work suitcase getting warped from the baggage handlers at Perth International. Only downside is that they won't look as nice on top of the dresser in my room...

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