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Latest Updates
Monday, December 24, 2007
OK, so I know I haven't updated in a while. So here's the latest...
  • Gonna be in Dubai for Xmas. I bid for 5 days off, and got them from 22-26th of December, however when it came to booking tickets, work wouldn't let me have any. Tried to pay full fare and the best I could do was Business Class. And for one way, 6300 Dh is a bit too much. Instead I have a flight scheduled home on the 27th, and the family will be together on the 28th, which is a tad late but will quell the home sickness for the next few months.
  • The last two Business Promotions I did, the one in London in November I mentioned before, as well as one in Bangkok I did at the start of the month, were pitiful. I hardly took any photos. So disappointed. The promotion in London was hard, getting up at 6am and getting back by 7.30pm. At the event, there were no Food and Bev staff, so us four girls were pretty much waitressing the whole time. I used to be good at it, and was quite fit, then I got this job. The BKK event wasn't much better, we stayed near the airport (1 hr drive from the city centre most of the time) left the hotel at 9pm and arrived back at 6pm, and with an hour drive to the city you only had 2 hours before shops closed. Plus I had exams to study for...
  • I had my Safety and Emergency Procedures exams on the 12/13th. Easiest 2 days I spent in training college. Had lots of fun, there were even mannequins there that simulated a real choking casualty, and you had to practise abdominal thrusts on them until the blockage was removed. Very cool, but physically harder than I imagined. There's also some footage of me floating around Facebook shouting "BRACE! BRACE!" for an emergency ditching simulation. Been trying to get my hands on it for the past week...
  • Just came back from Melbourne-Auckland where I did a ton of Xmas shopping. Saw my mate Chris as well :-) and we had a few celebs on board. From DXB-MEL we had Alan Fletcher in Business Class, who plays Dr Karl Kennedy on Neighbours. Was very pleasant to serve, and really enjoyed our In Flight Entertainment system a lot. From MEL-DXB we had Saints footballer Fraiser Gehrig. I knew he was tall, but didn't know how tall until he kept bumping his head against the overhead emergency lighting. Poor guy.

So that's pretty much it for now. Rosters come out today, so hopefully January will be more interesting than December. Hope everyone has a lovely Christmas, wherever they may be...

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