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Latest Updates
Saturday, July 26, 2008
Well it's been a crap week. On Sunday my flatmate, Naomi, who shall now be known as Flatmate No. 5 told me she was moving out. She told me around midday, and was gone by 4pm. I'm a bit pissed off for many reasons. Firstly she gave me very little notice, which now means that due to the huge numbers of new crew moving to Dubai I had no chance whatsoever to find a flatmate to replace her. Secondly, I felt that I was more than accomodating to her. When she had a full on party (or as she put it, just a few mates over for drinks), and she had her stereo on so loud I struggled to hear the music on my laptop with my iPod speakers, I waited until 12 before I got out of my room to say something, which I thought was quite reasonable. Thirdly, when she had guys staying overnight (despite it being illegal here) I made myself scarce, and didn't say anything when things got too loud, just went to the gym or French Connection or whereever.

So I've been turning this into a positive. Went down to Ace hardware and bought 3 Litres of paint to redecorate my bedroom. The whole apartment is white walls, grey curtains and navy blue window frames - quite bland. And despite buying throws, and rugs, and painting some art to hang on the walls, it still lacked something. It took 2 days to finish painting my bedroom, and needed about 4-5 coats just to get the colour right. The result is well worth it though. I'll post pictures up one the transformation is complete. Now I'm trying to decide what to paint the living room.

Meanwhile I've just gotten my First Class roster for August, and I'm pretty excited. Have a Singapore-Brisbane, so more time at Sim Lim Plaza and Orchard Road spending my paycheck. Followed by a week in training college for First Class tests and practicals and such. Then I have my first New York and then Rome. Been waiting 6 months to be put on the US crew master list and yeah, I'm pretty stoked. But for the time being, I have to get back to studying...

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