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Latest Updates
Sunday, January 27, 2008
Believe it or not, I'd been with the company for 2 years and had still yet to see any real snow. Sure we've got Ski Dubai, but it doesn't feel the same. So for the month of January I bid for Moscow, because if it was going to snow anywhere it would be in Russia. And scheduling gave me three of them. The flight itself is very interesting, but more on that later. Here are some gorgeous photos of the Red Square.

St Basil's Cathedral. Was very hard to take a focused shot as it was minus 20 degrees Celcius and my fingers were going numb.

Me outside the most stunning shopping centre, the GUM.

Group shot of us freezing our arses off. From left, Elaine (UK), Milenko (Bosnia and Herzigovina), Kristal (New Zealand), Franz (Germany), Daniel (Brazil), Gaynor (Australia) and me.

Gaynor and I trying our best to warm up

The menu at this dodgy Russian specialty restaurant. Took me a while to decide between the 'Pook chop' and the 'Spicy Stook', and decided on th chop. We were the only people there except the staff.

The band. I think these guys were the reason the place was so empty. On a Saturday Night.

The first Moscow trip I did was on the Russian Orthodox Christmas Eve, so I was experiencing a genuine white Christmas. It was very cool.

Lenin's Masoleum

Neila (Sooth Efrica), Edwina (Lebanon) and I after warming up with a Hot Chocolate near the Ice Rink in the Red Square.

Joeseph (Lebanon) and I on Moscow trip number 3.

The Moscow flights are notorious amongst crew for carrying the heaviest drinkers. But on the second flight coming back I worked, I saw a whole new level of drunken madness.

Business and First class were nice, very civil, and in the J/C cabin we only had 17 passengers so we finished service in no time. Went out into the cabin with Duty Free, trying to pay off the Matroyshka dolls I bought in the Red Square. Upon entering Economy was a sight I could not have seen on any other route. A cabin full of vomit - on chairs, on tray tables, on toilet floors, everywhere except sick bags. Made my way to L5 door as fast as possible so as to keep my cart clean.

Outside the toilet near L5 door was this Russian guy who was growing frustrated at how long he was being made to wait for his chance at the loo. One of the economy cabinc crew kept knocking, and eventually opened the toilet, revealing another guy sitting on the toilet, trying to do a "Number 2" but had passed out, and vomiting all over his jumper. The passenger who had been waiting actually started PUNCHING this guy! We were calling out "No! No! You can't do that!" and he did stop punching him, but not until the unconscious guy had faeces, vomit and blood on him. After that incident I headed back to business with my duty free and counted the lot to make sure it was all there and safe.

That wasn't all, on disembarking the aircraft we noticed one passenger had wet his pants, and another had to be carried by the armpits by a mate of his. Another had his barely-conscious friend propped up on his shoulder holding a sick bag for him and carrying on-board luggage for 2 people. I was just glad, that not only was it all over, but that there weren't many kids on board to see the whole affair. It really was a crazy flight, and I wouldn't want to do it anytime soon.

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