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Latest Updates
Thursday, April 19, 2007
Hey guys, just flew back from Birmingham this morning. So tired, but was so happy to be returning to my uber-luxurious bed. The whole trip was a shambles. Some of the things that went haywire include
  • A bad, horrible SFS. Had a go at pretty much everyone in Economy except the other Scottish crew, plus reported one girl. Last week reported one of the business class crew who was pulled out from standby to do the flight. Felt really sorry for him. Also treated passengers like crap.
  • I got the worst position as far as being Business Class crew is concerned. I had Duty Free, Economy class, Galley duties, Security and safety checks, there was a lot I had to do. Did I mention I'd never done duty free before?
  • When doing Duty free, the computer was missing, there were discrepancies with stock, I had no manual credit card swiper and basically anything that could go wrong did go wrong.
  • I had sweet f--k all help upon landing in Dubai with final duties and had to collect shit whilst 11 of the 14 crew were already on the bus.
  • We had a drunk passenger on board. We were told by ground staff we can't serve him any more alcohol and he was a pain in the arse the whole 7 hours. When he wasn't in the galley buttering us up for a drink he was pushing the call bell (without exaggeration) every 15 seconds.
  • On the return sector, for some reason people left their manners at the door. Didn't hear a single 'please' or 'thankyou' until we landed and everyone was getting off. Even had one woman snap her fingers at me. One guy grabbed my arm when he wanted a drink.

I guess when looking back at everything it doesn't seem so bad, but it was a really horrible, stressful flight. The worst thing for me would be if I screwed up the credit card transactions, then I'm accountable for several thousand dirhams. Would really top off a great couple of days.

I did end up going out, visited the city with Noor, from Malaysia, and Alex from Kazakhstan. I didn't even know we had Kazakhstani crew in the company! I didn't take many photos, but I'm waiting on some from Noor, so hopefully they'll be up soon