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Latest Updates
Thursday, March 08, 2007
Hey guys, sorry for the lack of updates recently. The wireless internet Ash and I have been leaching off for the past year decided to cut out for a week. Damn neighbours not paying their internet, almost made me consider getting my own connection set up. Almost...

So what's been happening?
  • Did a Dusseldorf last Thursday. I didn't go out. The flight itself was very interesting though, as there was this guy who became REALLY drunk. He had red wine stains around the inside of his lips. I tried to secure the cabin for landing and he refused to put his tray table up and to fasten his seatbelt, kept asking where I lived and for my phone number. I was so angry.
  • Then after being fed up I took away his wine and put the table up for him I sat down, and about 15 minutes before landing the woman next to him leaps up as if she's been electrocuted. "He wants to f**k me! He wants to f**k me!" Just what we need - passengers groping other passenger's tits.

  • Sat the woman down somewhere else, told the SFS, and he did nothing! Didn't tell the purser until after we landed and he was off the aircraft. I was even more angry. I would have called the cops on his arse.

  • Also did a Frankfurt on Monday. Very easy, especially working in Business Class, but was disappointed to find out that we moved hotels and we weren't near this brewery in Mainz anymore. No pork knuckle :-(
  • Then I saw the new lollypop-shaped hotel :-) 5 star euro-luxury! Best pillows I'd ever slept on. Missoni linen. The bathroom had wallpaper full of roses. There was a window in the bathroom so you could watch the LCD TV whilst having a shower. Whoever designed this place was a genius.

  • Went out with Greg (funnily enough I had my last Frankfurt flight with him) to the city and went sock shopping. Must be a guy thing.

    (me outside the Alte Oper in Frankfurt trying to keep the rain out of my eyes)

  • Next I have an Athens flight, which should be interesting seeing as though Johnny is still there, having promised me for the past 2 months he's going to come to Dubai. If anything I should at least get a photo of him so you all can see what he looks like.

  • This month I got a decent roster, with a SYD-CHC coming up, but was bummed because not only do I miss the Krispy Kreme opening (and the chance to save myself several hundred dirhams in baked goods) but I also miss the Jamie Cullum concert on the 10th :-( At least my Sydney mates will be happy to see me.

So, no Perth flights this month, but will look forward to seeing some of you soon.

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