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Tuesday, February 06, 2007
So we all know that Henrick Stenson just won the Dubai Desert Classic right?


But what about the results that REALLY matter...

Hottest Golfer - Well, the consensus amongst us girls was Johan Edfors. Made an effort to bring decent fashion back to golf.

Biggest Flirt/Playboy - Miguel Angel Jiminez. Yeah, a 42 yo with red curly hair, minor beer gut and leopard print golf shoes is a real turn on.

Biggest Sook - Henrick Stenson. Yes, he may have won the tornament, but he could have done so without asking us to move all over the place. Wasn't really nice to us until after the win. Plus his caddy's really scary.

Strangest Moment - After we were briefed ready to go out onto the 18th hole, we saw Michael Schumacher and his entourage of 20 walk along the 17th. 20 minutes later Roger Federer walked past. 3 of us girls nearly fainted. He's as hot in real life as he is on the telly.

Who we wanted to win - Ernie Els or Ross Fisher. Both were really nice to us and didn't make a fuss. Plus Ernie was willing to take photos with some kids from the crowd which was pretty cool.

Friendliest guys - Toss up between Colin Montgomery, Michael Campbell and Tiger Woods. Probably Woods, seeing as though he's part Thai and he was scoffing down 2 Kit Kats whilst chatting with us.

Drama Queen - Lee Westwood. On more than one occasion he chucked a hissy fit at the crowd. Unlike Henrick he wasn't really in contention for the lead.

Who to look out for when next at the TAB - Rory McIlroy. He's only 18 or so and he was on stage with us, Els, Schumacher, 6 Sheikhs, 5 falcons and Stenson. Very cool.

The aura of greatness - Well, Greg Norman had it. But Sergio Garcia acted as if he was the best thing since sliced bread. I was kinda glad that he didn't make the cut. Woods had it too of course.

So...after 6 days of slugging it out in heels on the green, it's time to go back to flying. (Thank God!) Have 2 trips to Perth, so I can't guarrentee photos. Unless you want to actually see Marangaroo, which comes second to Balga as the dodgiest Perth suburb.

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