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Latest Updates
Thursday, January 04, 2007
Okay, after being repeatedly asked about them by my colleges, friends, and buddies on MSN, I've decided to make some New Years Resolution for 2007. I usually refrain from making them, not letting myself be pressured, but meh, I'll make them anyway.

Stop spending money on stuff I never use.

This happens a lot - spend money on a top, never wear it, or only wear it once, or spend money on food and go on a layover, and find out it's going all moudy in our fridge. I know I probably won't cut it out completely, but i'll try anyway.

Go to the Gym more.

This year I went to the gym a grand total of 4 times! My goal is to double that number by 2008.

Eat food that's better for my health.

Before my SEP I ate 15 Krispy Kremes. At the airport on my way to Perth I had Dunkin Donuts and Starbucks. Yesterday it was Mini Pecanbons. I have to cut down. My blood is pure sugar syrup.

Get out more.

I only went out clubbing twice in Dubai since I left training college a year ago. When people find out that I've never been to Boudoir, Sho Cho's or Peppermint they think I'm strange. Then ask if I'm really 22.

Save more money than I did last year.

I did alright last year - no debt whatsoever on my credit cards, nothing. I saved enough to open up a Term Deposit account in Perth, plus a couple extra thousand stashed away back home. I could definately save more, especially if I get upgraded soon.

Drink more water.

This is shameful - considering how dehydrating flying is I don't drink anywhere near enough water as I should. Last year, I've managed to finish a 1.15L water bottle only once - on a LHR. Considering I've done a few DXB-SYD flights that add up to 14hrs almost, this is REALLY bad. Definately need to up my intake.

Get a boyfriend.

Ha ha! Well, it's not really a priority. I've been single for over a year now. Neighbours in Perth were asking me why I was single. Relatives as well. And I'm sure Ash is thinking that I need a guy to get out more. I kind of have someone in the pipeline, but he's not in Dubai yet. Should arrive mid-January. Will keep you all posted if it turns out well or not.

Happy New Year everyone! (Yeah I know it's 4 days late.)