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Latest Updates
Wednesday, January 10, 2007
After that it was another 1.5 hr bus ride to the River Kwae in Kanchanaburi for lunch, but first we went to the JEATH War Museum, which is a dedication to the POW's who were forced to work on the Burmese-Thai Railway during WWII by the Japanese. It was very moving, and you were able to see real bombs (unexploded of course) that were dropped on to the bridge to stop its construction.

The temple outside the JEATH War museum. It's a lot more shiny in real life, because its completely covered in mirror mosaics.

Walking along the famous Burmese-Thai railway bridge

The Bridge on the River Kwae.

One of the war cemetaries containing the graves of over 6000 POW's who worked on the Burmese-Thai railway.

After that, it was another long bus ride to Wat Phra Chetuphon, which is the largest Bhuddist monument in all of Thailand, and home to the famous reclining buddha. It was a bit funny being there, one reason being that it was quite sacred and you weren't sure of what to take photos of. The other being that I vividly remember being there before when I was 6 years old, and kept thinking, "Oh! I've seen that before!". It was very strange.

So yeah, after that, it was 1 hour of sleep and then the flight back to Dubai! Can't wait to go again, and will definately be bidding for it in the near future. I was probably the only crew member who didn't go to MBK... need to check it out and stock up on some Krispy Kremes. Mmmm.

I don't know what my next flight is, I have the day off tomorrow, then Standby, so hopefully I get an Athens flight! Or something equally as short. I have promotional work coming up and am totally clueless about what I'm supposed to be doing! Fingers crossed I get something nice!