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Latest Updates
Thursday, November 23, 2006
My Ideal Annual Leave Day
  1. Getting at least 7 hours of sleep
  2. Meeting my best friend at the Curtin Tav (even though it was giving him duty free vodka)
  3. Downing a Chip Roll from Geroge's Kebabs, smothered with garlic sauce with a light sprinkle of chicken salt, all washed down with post-mix Coke-Cola.
  4. Meeting his uni mates, and catching up with some I hadn't seen in over a year
  5. Seeing Kris's new place
  6. Buying a moleskine at Borders
  7. Going to Bankwest and getting served by a really hot guy
  8. A trip to the dentist with minimal pain and white polished teeth
  9. Dinner at Pancho's - Tula's the best!
  10. Chatting to cool people on MSN when I get back home

My Crappy Annual Leave Day (and sadly which is the most occuring so far)

  1. Being woken up at 5.30am (after hitting the sack at 1am)
  2. Not being able to get back to sleep
  3. A message from Dad, saying I have to call someone I don't know so that they can come over a measure stuff for mum
  4. Realising the house hasn't been mopped since June, has turned into a blokes house, and that if the girl comes over she'll prolly not let mum stay over
  5. Spend 7 WHOLE FREAKIN' HOURS scrubbing the floors
  6. Buy lunch from Supa Valu, grab a 4-pack of Jesters' Spud Delux, and eat it finding out that the outside is hot enough to scorch the tongue, but the inside still has icicles in it.
  7. Realise that I'm not even 50% of the way through the floors when Dad & Peter get home.
  8. Then being told I have to cook dinner :-(
  9. And wash the dishes
  10. Then break a nail
  11. Then having to explain to mum (I know, she can't speak back, but she still can listen, and still make the "don't mess with me" look mum's have,) why you weren't over to see her for the second day running
  12. Finally getting time for the internet and realise the wireless isn't working ;-(
  13. Resort to studying SEP
  14. Cry myself to sleep

Maybe when I next have my leave I'll go Greek Island hopping or something. Because the floor scrubbing was the real spirit-breaker. I so need a hug right now. **sob**