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Latest Updates
Sunday, November 19, 2006
Hey guys, just wastig time at the airport at the moment. I still have another 2 hours to kill. Free wireless here is starting to annoy me as it keeps transferring back to the airport website which is a pain, but if it's free then you shouldn't complain too much.

A couple of things that I noticed
  • About 50% of the passengers that walk past has luggage that is waaay too big. Sometimes I wish that they banned wheels on hand luggage so that when pax realise how heavy it is then they won't bring it on board, instead opting for a backpack/laptop bag or slim briefcase.
  • Those buggies in the airport - a heap have gone past, but I've only seen one person who actualy needed it (elderly pax). Aside from stopping you moving around your legs before hopping onto a plane in economy with minimal legroom, it's bloody annoying having the buggy ram into your shins.
  • Seen one woman who enjoyed the Dubai sun a little too much. Turned out red raw and wore coral lipstick to boot!
  • Who on earth buys washing powder at duty free!?!
  • Why do people who are in transit sleep on the floor and block 4 seats in the process? There's heaps of ideal floor sleeping locations, and a hotel for goodness sakes.

I don't know. Maybe because I deal with these sort of people every week that even when I'm not working they seem to grate on me.

Oh well, bring on the champange...

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