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Latest Updates
Friday, October 20, 2006
Hello guys, hope you're all doing well. Missing everyone at home dearly. Since the last 3 flights I've done have been to KL, I've decided to cram the trips into the one post lah!

Malaysia (Truly Asia)
Okay, after doing 3 KL's, I'm very much looking forward to doing a Perth, if only for the variety. Every single meal I had outside of the hotel was pretty substadard. Weather was humid, but I'd go to the pool and it would be too windy. On the bright side, everything was cheap!!! Meals I could eat for 12 Ringgit ($5 AUD) including softies, Shoes were selling for as cheap as 35 Ringgit ($16 AUD) and so on. Make up was cheaper than Dubai Duty free. I left there with over 200 Ringgit left to spare, all of which will be put to god use on my Perth layover. The crew on most flights were pretty great. There was this girl, Yasmin, whe was on my Korea flight and on the first KL, so it was good to at least fly with someone I knew and to ask them about what to do etc. There was this guy on my last flight though, a Brazilian guy, who had a lot of people try to guess his sexuality. Just in general chats with him I found out he's obsessed with musicals, esp. Sound of Music, and studied acting at college. He also likes to preen and purse his lips in the galley mirrors when he thinks no one's looking, and has his hair spiked up like Jimmy Neutron. Even had one male pax ask if he was single. So... one of the male crew just flat out asked him, turns out he's straight. Could've fooled me...

Here's a picture of the Petronas Towers. It was visible from my hotel room it was so tall lah.

The Butcher Shop and Grill
Okay, well, in addition to the Noodle House, I frequent this restaurant very regularly. Like, once a week at least, regularly. Every single time I go, it's really good food, and the waiters are friendly, and since I used to do their job, I give a tip, not too huge, not too little. Then things started getting weird. One of the Philopino waiters, Dom Dom, asks me for my number. I say no. Nothing more said which is how I prefer things to be. Then I come back next week, fill out a comment card, then get a phone call from the supervisor (who's eastern european) asking if I'd like dinner. I say no, mainly because I have no freakin' idea who this guy is. And then on the beach the other day, I get a missed call from a number I don't recognise, a number different from Eastern European's. And then this...

"I miss you"? Huh?

Melissa the Chef
Righteo, since Ashleigh's coming back in a few days, I thought it wise to add some dishes to my cooking repatoire. I only know one dinner dish by heart actually, but I'm working on a Thai dish at the moment. Hopefully I can perfect it to the way I like it without chucking out too much chicken.

Spaghettini aglio, olio e peperoncino
(Spaghettini with garlic, olive oil and chilli)

One whole packet of Spaghettini, Angel Hair or other thin long pasta (500g)
1/2 cup Extra Virgin Olive Oil
3 small chillis, chopped finely
3 garlic cloves, mushed
small handfull of chopped parsley
grated parmesan

Put large saucepan of salted water to boil. Add pasta and cook. Drain pasta in sieve once cooked, leave aside.Into same saucepan (make sure excess water is vaporated first) add olive oil, chilli and garlic. Heat until garlic and chilli begin to sizzle and colour oil. Add pasta and parsley to oil, remove from heat, and toss quickly to coat all of pasta. Serve immediately with heaps of parmesan and freshly cracked black pepper.