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Thursday, October 26, 2006
Yes guys, read this and see what passengers we have to deal with - and know that flying first class does not always mean you're flying with quality passengers. From -

"Well--let's try the 70ish mother with her 40 year old unmarried son who brought along her teddy bear collection. The whole gang of them were seated in FC, 1A and B. The woman asked me to clean off other people's used dessert dishes, while she dawdled over her food. Turns out she was planning to hold a "Tea Party" for her teddy bears! She told me each bear's name and history, as she divided up her food for the bears. Each bear was named after someone she loves or hates in her life, and she rewarded or punished them accordingly. When mom went to the lav, I very cautiously and respectfully asked her son about the mom's behavior. He laughed it off, and said ,"That's just the way Mom is." Mom later came into the galley to tell me about her hatred for her ex-husband, her son's ADD.....all sorts of stream of consciousness things. I was relieved when she went back to the Teddy Bear Tea Party....which I was only allowed to dismantle once the coats were passed out and we were about to land!!!

SOOO--after that, when a FC pax took out his father's ashes from the overhead and asked me to pour a glass of Jack Daniel's on the rocks for Dad (pax and his wife were on the way to Dad's memorial service)...that didn't seem nuts at all!! It was charming (somehow) to serve Dad his favorite drink!"