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Latest Updates
Thursday, September 14, 2006
Okay guys, just did a flight, full of dramas as they seem to be these days. It's bullet point time methinks...
  • Expected loads to London Heathrow - 163. From LHR to Dubai it was overbooked
  • Semi-accidentally left all my make up in Dubai. Partly due to not knowing what I was allowed to carry on board - liquids and whatnot. As a result of only having a pressed powder and crappy lipstick ended up looking like a corpse at a funeral from LHR-DXB. Got reported as a result
  • Arrived at hotel lobby at LHR ready to operate. Capt. is freaking out. Tells crew not to check out. Too late for me...
  • We get told he has to operate another flight immediately, so we're left without a Captain to fly the plane. Crap.
  • We get told to go back to our rooms to await further instructions. Check in again.
  • 3 hours later, get a phone call from reception telling us that we're operating and to get our tiny arses into the lobby immediately. Smart enough not to wipe off corpse makeup, I congratulate myself.
  • Wait in lobby another hour, and find out flight is CANCELLED! Go to bed, await wake up call, have to operate in morning, don't know departure time nor wake up call time.
  • We didn't get any extra money for food :-(
  • Wake up call - 12 hours after very first one, only got 3 hours sleep
  • We get brand new Capt. who is operating on only 12 hours rest - Crap Crap Crap!
  • Economy load - 65 passengers out of a possible 290. Cabin Crew finally jump for joy.
  • EVERY passenger demand upgrades.
  • Reason the Captain got stood down and ours had to replace him... well, you'll have to chat to me on MSN to know that one...