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Latest Updates
Monday, July 03, 2006
Hey there guys. Just a short update on things. Currently in Singapore feeling grosss and tired.

I decided not to call in sick, and they assigned me a 5 day Singapore/Melbourne trip, the same one I did early May. Considering I had only 1 hours notice about the flight, I don't think I'm goign to be able to see anyone I know, which is a real shame. On the bright side, while I'm in Melbourne for a measly 18 hours, I can actually check out the Alannah Hill clearence outlet, which should prove very daunting for my credit card. I can also head to Dymocks and find some real reading material as the selection in Dubai is virtually non-existant.

The crew however, range from very boring to downright crazy. On the DXB-SIN sector, the acting SFS (who's actually first class crew, and got shunted back into economy when the SFS didn't rock up for work) spent most of the time with cart linen wrapped around his large waist, as well as a napkin tied around his head, talking in pirate talk. He kept all this on even when passengers needed to pass through the galley. Methinks he needs to lay off coffee, red cordial, dexies and any other simulant for the next 2 years. He was a downright lunatic - I was scared :-(

There's this other guy who's working his second operational flight, very excited he's going to Australia for the very first time. But he's boring as batshit. I ask him a question, for example, "Were was your first operational flight to?" and before long he's going on about training, his home town, his family, his favorite type of music etc without me uttering another word. I just hope he stays away from me or I might fall asleep during a conversation.

Right, I'm gonna stop my bitching there. I have another 3 hours until my breakfast - banana pancakes with maple syrup and whipped cream with bcon on the side. Mmmmmm. Soooo excited about it.