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Latest Updates
Monday, July 24, 2006
Well, I'm back from Nagoya. The trip reaffirmed my belief that Japanese passengers are the nicest passengers to fly with. For 9 hours there and 11 hours back I was stuffing my face with sushi, instant ramen and dried mango, and everytime I checked the toilets there was nothing to clean (unlike some other gross flights I'd done).

The SFS in charge hadn't done a Japanese flight before, and was a tad clueless about things. She didn't know that we had to fold the toilet paper into a triangle. She didn't know we had to serve Ni-hon cha (japanese tea) as well as normal tea and coffee during service. She didn't know you had to wash udon noodles, or that it took 15 minutes of steaming before it was fit to serve. All the crew ate fish because there wasn't enough omlettes for passengers, so I just ate more ramen and sushi for breakfast. I didn't complain, it was great :-)

When I arrived in Nagoya though, I'd been awake for quite a while. About 30 hours or so. Went to Hard Rock cafe for a steak and chips (it was the only place with English speaking waiters. I didn't want to order something only to later find out it's tripe etc.) Walked around the city to take pictures only to find out THE BATTERY IS DEAD! Oh no :-(

Here's what I did manage to take anyway. It's not much, but hey, it's something.

A picture of the main street of Nagoya city. We were lucky in that the hotel is right in the heart of the city and it was a very short walk to all the nice department stores. Osaka is on the main port and you have to take a train to get anywhere, and with everything in Japanese, it can prove a little difficult to navigate around.

And this is a picture of me in a Yukata, a Japanese lounging robe. After this shot was taken I got changed for a walk around the city at which point the camera died.

There were only 2 things I wanted to do in Nagoya. The first was to get some cute stationary for both Kris and Corralee. Unfortunately, everything the department stores had was Hello Kitty, which I can get in Dubai anyway. The other thing was to get me a Rilakkuma plush toy (see the post before Paris for an idea). I saw a kid on my Osaka flight cuddle one while he was asleep, and I thought it'd be cute to have, esp with it's cute all black anime eyes, big head and small body. So cute. But I couldn't find and Rilakkuma toys or stationary anywhere. After visiting 4 different department stores, I went to Club Sega for some DDR action, and found in those claw machines many many Rilakkuma toys. It took me two trips and over 3000 yen, but I managed to score a Rilakkuma eating dumplings. :-)

So my next flight is to London Heathrow, which I have fortunately been able to avoid so far. Don't know what I'll do, maybe go to Harrods or something. They only give us 50 pounds when we're there, which is nothing. Anyone have any cool suggestions let me know.