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Latest Updates
Tuesday, May 02, 2006
Well, I'm writing this a little early in the morning, mainly because Bridgette had an Alexandria turnaround and woke me up getting ready for it. It didn't really piss me off, because she had a flight, but I still wished I'd have put up a "Do Not Disturb" sign, otherwise I wouldn't have gone to the trouble of stealing it from the Duxton. I stole one from Osaka, purely because it look so nice, but it didn't have the DND side, just the side that said "Please Make My Room".

I also had a little scout on rosters of people I know. At our airline, the employee website is pretty hard to log into, there's 2 different login pages, one of which you use a handheld device with numbers you punch in that changes every minute. But one you're in there, you can look up people's numbers, mobiles, rosters, pretty much everything except their address.

A few things I found out
  • Lana, one of the Aussie girls, didn't come back from her leave, she's leaving the company for good. (wipes mock tear from face)
  • Prolly my best friend in Dubai, Grace, is gonna be in Singapore when I am! Might have to have breakfast and go shopping together or something. She's also pretty bummed and was crying when she left Ireland, as she missed her boyfriend and family heaps, and didn't want to go. I'm thinking of treating her to the original Singapore Sling at the Raffles hotel when we're there to cheer her up.
  • This really horrible girl, who shall remain anonymous, went on a layover to Manchester, and went AWOL, and didn't arrive back with the crew. From what it looked like, the crew were already short of staff (Boeing 777-300 needs minimum 11 cabin cew). She has since been removed from the roster for half the month. On the downside, she's still being paid salary.

On other news, Bridgette told me yesterday that she's moving out. She's moving to White Building, which is a five minute walk away, so yeah, I'm gonna have a fresh-faced abinito moving, and I'll be there to help with her studying and partying. Bridgette said she'd be gone by the end of next week, but since I have long flights and leave coming up in a couple of days, it'll probably be by the time I get back from my Sydney flight, ie, start of June. Just in time for my birthday really. What a nice present!