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Latest Updates
Sunday, April 30, 2006
Got back from Perth this morning. Slept the entire day, and now I'll probably spend the entire evening awake. I won't see sunlight for a while I imagine, but if I manage to wake up tomorrow (or is it today?) I can go to CBC to get my Shang-hi visa! I'm a bit worried, because I won't have my passport for two days, but Shang-hi is supposed to be a really good flight, and I've never been to China before.

Also, I've changed my 5 days off and a London Gatwick for 3 days off and a Singapore Melbourne flight. I bet I can contact David with places to visit, since he's now an unofficial tour guide, but I'll get to go to Melbourne which is the best, even if it is a 14 hour layover.

The Perth flight, however, was really bad. After 11 hours in the aircraft it just smelt of filth. A toilet broke down, was flooding and everything, so there were cues all the time, then about an hour before landing it was really rough turbulence and we got told by the captain to take our seats, and passengers wouldn't sit down because they had to take a piss. My feet left the ground at one point, I was very scared, and these people still wouldn't sit, and were yelling at us crew because we were doing our job. Very annoying.

The previous crew were also slack, as there were no hot towels, and Qantas catering must have run out of detergent, because on the way back we had so many complaints about the blankets smelling of vomit. They did too... I'd be complaining too, but we had no spares on board that were good enough. We put up with so much crap on that flight I'm very tempted not to bid for another Perth ever again.

On the upside, I had what was probably the best meal since I started flying. This big mother of a steak, with yummy gravy and steamed vegies and chips...aww it was so good. It tasted fresh and meaty and surprisingly not unhealthy. Crew meals tend to be more crap than passenger meals, but hey, this was definatley an exception.

Anyway, I'd better go get some sleep, need to go to Staff Travel centre to find out why they rejected my ticket application for my annual leave.