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Latest Updates
Saturday, April 15, 2006
Today I witnessed something truly horrifying, something that made me think twice, thrice etc about where exactly I dine or order my food. Perhaps it's shocking to me because I used to work at PCEC, where not only is the presentation of signature dishes the key to it's success, but where every single shift in which we were serving food, hygiene was of the utmost importance. I wouldn't go more than 20 without washing my hands, even more frequently after a clearance or using the foul-smelling pink rust remover on the cutlery. I cannot speak for other staff, but no client I'd ever served was going to feel pangs of food poisoning after their meal. Same goes for our airline, actually.

So I woke up around 1.30pm and wanted to get some grub. Walked along Sheikh Zayed Rd not knowing what to choose. There's (literally) over 100 food outlets, whether they be cafes, take-away houses, restaurants etc. You certainly don't go hungry on my street. Anyway, I thought I would go and get some Lebanese food. I hadn't had much since I moved here, with the exception of shawarmas, which are like kebabs except the bread is toasted when the cooked filling is all rolled up in the pita. Mmmm.

So, I walked into this Lebanese restaurant, ordered sambousek (some type of pastry stuffed with minced meat and parsley), sat down waiting for it to be soaked in oil. I saw one of the chefs, all in hairnet and gloves, apron etc. WIPE HIS NOSE WITH HIS GLOVED HAND! WTF? What's the point in having gloves if it doesn't keep the food you're handling hygienic? You could see the mucous glistening in the light, it was appalling. It wasn't my order that he was preparing, but none the less, I promptly walked out of there and headed for the local chippy instead.

So, first on the Shame post, is Byblos Lebanese Restaurant on Sheikh Zayed Rd.

What is the ultimate on my Perth shame list? Centrofino's, in Forrest Chase, just below Myer opposite the post office. If you've tried the lasagna, you'll know why. I didn't think it was possible to fuck up a lasagna, but Centrofinos manage it with such panache, it makes the lunches from my old high school canteen seem like Michelin Star worthy cuisine.