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Latest Updates
Monday, April 17, 2006
The flight over was pretty shit, and just when I looked forward to getting changed and heading out to see more of Scotland, I realise I have no pants to wear outside! I forgot to pack any jeans or slacks, packed all my other warm clothes though. So now I'm holed up in the hotel room watching the English Premier League on SkySport. It's definately not my day when I resort to watching Soccer for entertainment. And it IS soccer, not football.

The flight over was hectic to say the least. Turbulence to beat even the last Perth flight. I was shit scared though, because this toddler is waking up and down the isle and her parents do fuck all to restrain her, and us cabin crew couldn't move because it was too dangerous for us. The powers that be overhead rewarded the parents for such negligent behavior by having the toddler throw up all over the mother. Normally I'd be revelling in moments like these, but being the closest crew member to the mess, I had to clean it up. Ewwwww.

And if it wasn't sucky enough for the parents, their other, semi-grown up daughter got motion sickness as well. The whole family knew not a single word of English, and we got the Hindi speaker to deal with them. And then we proceded to fumigate the whole of economy with both the insecticide spray and the air freshner (which smells like guava BTW, although today it was more like a durian).

And to top things off, this girl, Rita, was pulled out on standby 5 (5am to 5pm) to work the flight, and gets put at position R5A and in charge of the mid galley. She's never organised the galley before, and the climax of the flight resulted in about 10 hot meals landing face down on the galley floor. And salmon staining my shoes and stockings. Poor girl, I'm surprised she didn't cry.

I'll go to bed now (been up for almost 30 hours) and god forbid the flight back is worse than the one today. As much as I love scottish people, they complain a shitload when we can't provide more booze because they've sucked the bars dry. Sweet dreams everybody.