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Monday, March 20, 2006
Hmmm, I wonder if I can cut it in the super freezing weather there. When I did my flight to Birmingham I saw all those weather reports of Scotland being dusted in snow, so yeah, considering how I've never ever seen snow before, I'm looking forward to my first encounter with it. Unfortunately, I can't scab a nice Emirates overcoat from the uniform stores. I have to wait until I do a DME (Moscow) or a JFK (New York) flight before I'm allowed one. And I can't do any JFK flights because you need a special working visa all under the compny's watch to fly there. I'm in no rush, that's for sure, especially since that from what I've heard it's a shocking flight to do, passenger wise.

Yesterday I also went to City Centre and bought this book - Air Babylon by Imogen Edwards-Jones, she also wrote Hotel Babylon that's also a TV show in Britain and soon to be in Oz. I only managed to watch one ep when I was in London but it was definately very very cool! I guess maybe I only found it interesting because I used to work in the Medina Grand, but it's so true and hilarious. It's just a collection of annecdotes by people in the industry crammed into a 24 hour period in the ficticous Hotel Babylon. Air Babylon is along the same premise as well, and not only that, one of the tales in the book I'd already heard as crew - How a man passed away mid flight and the plane was fully booked so there was no were to put him except the lavatory. Because it was a long haul flight (SYD-LHR or something like that) rigor mortis had set in and the ground crew couldn't get him out so they had to fully dismantle to lav. Plus all the fluid that's expelled after the time of death was everywhere as well, which is why EK have body bags on board to avoid all the crap being inflicted on crew.

My worst moment at Medina though isn't all that bad compred to what I've heard from others. I ran up room service one night and the name on the account, plus the voice on the other end of the line was male. A young girl, prolly 20 years old, answers the door. I told her that I'd prefer the person whose name the rooms' booked under to sign, since the guy could claim that since his signature's not on the docket he could have the meal retracted from his account upon checkout. She said "Okay, sure" and the guy came out. He looked over the docket and it was then that I noticed HE HAD NO PANTS ON! I don't mean he had no slacks but still had jocks on, he had NOTHING on below the waist. Not only that, his, uh, genetalia, was fully erect! Ewwwww. I'm guessing that this girl was somewhat less of an aquaintance. I got out of there quick smart, keeping my mouth shut about the whole matter, with signed docket in tow and went downstairs to wash my hands, face, anything not covered by my uniform for the next 5 minutes.

I told my then manager, Roger, and the look on his face was priceless. Apparently he went back up to the room and had a go at the guy, saying he sould have at least some boxers on when interacting with staff.

So yeah, I don't know if it's a story worth competing with Kris' brothel story but I reckon it comes close.