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Monday, March 13, 2006
Hey hey,

Just doing a blog entry, I guess youse would want to know more about what’s been happening than photos. Well I’m just assuming anyway.

Came back from London Gatwick on the 10th. I have definitely had better layovers. Because I was still suffering from my cold, my asthma was really bad. I found it really hard to string a sentence together without coughing. My SFS and Purser were really worried, and I was stressed because I couldn’t find my medication. As it turned out, it fell out of my bag at Dubai Immigration, so I was stuck with Ventolin from the First Aid Pouch. Ventolin is piss weak compared to what I normally take, and my SFS was freakin out every time I coughed. I ended up calling International SOS, which is our overseas medical assistance, and it took them about 3 hours from the time I called to the time the doctor actually arrived, which is really shocking considering it could have been a problem that was a lot worse.

The doctor arrived and still gave me the wrong medication, as well as these steroid tablets which I’ll never have to take. He also gave me this cough medicine which has codeine in it, and in the UAE Codeine is illegal - some girls from my Ab initio failed their piss test because they found traces of Codeine when they took Panadeine or Nurofen Plus for period pain and such. So yeah, I was shitting myself, thinking I was going to get drug tested for sure upon arrival back into Dubai. I did the flight from LGW to DXB with absolutely no improvement, but everyone was saying “Oh Mel, you look so much better, good thing we called the doctor” but to be honest I think they were talking shit.

Huge contrast to my flight this morning to Bahrain. Best turnaround ever. 55 minutes there, 45 minutes back. It was, literally, slamming the tray in front of them and fighting them to give it back in time for landing. We also had the Renaut Racing team fresh from their Formula 1 Grand Prix win in Bahrain, so it was cool that I got to practise my piss weak German with them. Some of the crew were hoping that Michael Schumacher would be on the plane, but there wasn’t really enough time to check out the First Class passengers. Oh well, would have given the Polaroid camera a good workout for sure if he had been