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Latest Updates
Saturday, February 11, 2006
Service training was, without a doubt, the least likable subject I had to do at Training College. From day one I felt like an absolute ning nong, thick as two short planks. Considering at my previous job we were supposed to be the best and the most heavily drilled team in Perth, I'd never been so embarrassed.

The trainers were alright. There was Mignon, who was probably the most stunning looking Indian woman I've ever seen. Hotter than that former Miss World in Bride and Prejudice. She also had the highest hairstyle I've seen. And our other trainer was Danny, Lebanese, alright looking, really nice and approchable, but in the end it was his feedback that made me feel like crap.

Most of the time Service training was a joke. Some of the stuff we were 'taught' I expect at a motivational seminar or youth group. Not at the training college of possibly the best Airline worldwide. I came to Dubai to work, to serve passengers, and to earn a little dough at the same time. I didn't come here to be told I wasn't emotionally intelligent or that I had no maternal leanings (they knew that at the interview when I wanted to leave the 9 year old to die during the desert island scenario).

Not only that, when we were told what was in each storage box, on the first day, they expected us to know the location. Personally, I have to physically see where things are before I know the location. So when you tell me "aft of Business Class gally inboard doghouse" it doesn't register until you show me. And they make you feel bad if you don't get it. On the first day!

Feedback was awful. I got pinned because they didn't think I was participating in class. I told them that if someone is talking, or wishing to speak, I'd rather let them speak because I've been raised to believe that interrupting someone is rude without proper reason. Not only that, if 10 people are all saying something at the same time, I'd have to raise my voice to be heard. The trainers still said that I needed to speak up. I said that I'd try, but I wasn't going to change what I was doing, particularly since I'd come off rude if I did. After that I don't think they liked me very much because my reports still had defective comments at the end of training which wasn't good. Academic wise I had the highest mark in everything and at the end of the day that's what counts come promotion time.

Just a note of warning, try not to order a special meal when flying. They're the least fresh. And don't eat the scambled eggs during breakfast. Try the omlette. It's much more satisfying.