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Latest Updates
Saturday, February 11, 2006
This will probably be a short post compared to the SEP one, as there wasn't a lot of enjoymented to be had. But hey, I can do CPR and all that stuff now.

One thing that became apparent was that I got crowned the class hyperchondriac. They brought up every kind of condition we're expected to come across on board, and I had my hand up the most. "Who here has asthma?" "Who's had a fracture?" "Who's had nosebleeds before?" "Who's fainted before" It was kind of embarrassing, but kinda cool, because when we had mock ups to do I only had to be cabin crew once, every other time I was the affected passenger.

I had the same problem in first aid as I did in SEP, but I told the instructors that I felt really sleepy every now and again, and I assured them it had nothing to do with the subject material. They put it in my final report though, but put a positive spin to it. And they suggested some diet changes too. More omlettes for Melissa. I was stoked.

Something else that I realised was that the company really like to use Jepardy and Who wants to be a Millionare as learning tools during training. I got partnered with Ruth, from India, who had a habit of irritating me because she always butted in with answers without giving anyone a chance. But that afternoon we kicked arse. But that afternoon there was a bit of a silent cat fight between these two Irish girls, Aisha and Grace. Grace is so sweet and kind and caring, and Aisha made her out to be this horrible person. Since then she's turned on me, but that's another post in itself. Tis a lesson that you really have to be cautious in choosing your friends here, because when things go pearshaped, your family are an 11 hour flight away.

Final First Aid result - 98%. Came second, but the chick who was first had done nursing for 10 years. And I don't mind being beaten by another Aussie.