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Tuesday, February 14, 2006
Things I love about Dubai that I would never find at home

1. Everyone delivers. All you need is a phone and an unlocked door and you'd never have to lift your arse off the couch. Everyone from McDonalds, KFC, Nandos (my favorite), Starbucks, Kenny Rogers Roasters, pharmacies, supermarkets, everywhere delivers. At least in Australia the obese have to get up and walk to the car to get a bag of corn chips from the deli. Here you don't even need to do that.

2. Pharmacies. It's kinda scary too, but you do not need a perscription whatsoever to get the medication you want. Mind you, there's a lot of stuff that's banned, like codeine, but on the whole, if you need it and it can knock out a rhino, they'll have it. And they'll deliver it. And cheaper than you would get it in Oz.

3. Weather. It rains once a year here. Nuff said.

4. Shopping. I'm a bit shitty that the Shopping Festival got cancelled this year, but I can wait another month before my flying pay kicks in to buy the things I need. Like a sports bra. Or a passport protector to store all my licences and stuff when I fly.

5. Architecture. The Dusit Dubai and the National Bank of Dubai are just stunning.

6. Mocktails. No alcohol and they taste sooooo good.

7. Food Portions. As yet when I've eaten at a restaurant I have yet to eat my plate clean the servings are so large.

Things I love about home that I have yet to find in Dubai

1. Dance Dance revolution. Have fun and get a workout at the same time! Definately something to do when I'm in Singapore, Bangkok or Jakarta

2. Discount at Metro or Velluto. I miss those club sandwhiches and the Sirloin steaks. Lily, Yann and Jorg were the best at curing those tummy blues.

3. Lack of anime. To date I have seen only one box set, and that was only Initial D. Very disappointed. Need to rip Darren's collection me thinks when I get back home.

4. Fog. It is everywhere. I can't see the other side of Sheikh Zayed Rd.

5. Frangelico. They don't sell it here. I'd rather kill myself before getting smashed on vodka and tonics.

6. Hot chips. They taste REALLY funny here. They coat it in something, and it doesn't taste the same. Aussie Nando's chips were the best, but Dubai Nando's chips are the worst.

7. Bacon. Apparently images of pigs here are really offensive, so god knows what will happen if I fry some up. I miss dad's roast pork too :-(

8. Lack of good quality hair removal facilities. Maybe it's time to invest in an epilator...