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Latest Updates
Saturday, February 11, 2006
Wow, I got a lot up today, I'm surprised. French Connection has a habit of letting down their wireless networks every now and again, but today I've had no problems.

I came back from Tehran yesterday afternoon. I'm starting to detect a pattern in terms of passenger behavior. so far all those passengers leaving Dubai tend to be the most troublesome, whereas those heading to Dubai are really nice. The Cairo flight in general was awful, but on the way there I had to deal with a vomiting passenger (first flight - how nice an introduction) plus kids screaming and babies that wouldn't shut up, and passengers who would ask us to tell the kids to shut up. Thanks mate, I'm sure the parents would love to hear that.

On the flight to Tehran though there was this American guy who complained about everything, from this Malaysian cabin crew who offered him Pepsi instead of Coke, to the drinks not being chilled enough (we can only carry a small amount of dry ice), to not having a sick bag in his seat pocket (he was next to a lavatory which has shitloads, plus that's the ground staffs fault). He told me "I wanna talk to your senior" to complain about someone else, which was annoying because he gave me the impression that I was doing something wrong. And not only that another passenger wouldn't give me a cup because he saw a bug in there and wanted to take it to complain. We took a polaroid but he kept asking for more booze and didn't want us to open it, which means he has some sort of stash.

Meanwhile, the crew have been soooo nice to me. I hope I get them again real soon, especially the Tehran crew. Haven't come across anyone who's too precious yet, which is good.

I've got a Sydney flight on Monday - my first operational flight and my first layover. I need to sort out some cabin shoes though as the ones I have are at least 2 sizes too small and are VERY painful. Yowee. It will also be the first time I can stock up on alcohol and tampons. And pizza shapes. And to catch up with my Sydney Liberal mates who I haven't seen in 2 years.